The Bagel Man's "Around the world adventure" Part:4

Yet another sighting of The Bagel Man…this week he has continued his ‘out west’ tour and learned the ropes of being a cowboy!! Yee-haw!

The bagel man's "around the world adventure" Part: 2

We are serving the RosemaryOlive Oil Bagel as your Bagel of the Month!

Rosemary Olive Oil goes well with dipping sauces with Olive Oil!

The  Bagel Factory


Let's try some international bagels!

The  Bagel Man  has decided to go on an adventure—an all around the world adventure!!  This week, he’s been spotted in front of the Eiffel Tower!!!  Perhaps he’ll bring back a bagel croissant recipe…

mini bagels!

bagel of the month is RosemaryOlive Oil!

Hi guys, try our Nova Platter, it is awesome!

Bagel Family seeks out Bagel Factories in United Kingdom!

Spiderman recently dropped in at The Bagel Factory on to assist with the bake. He was hungry.  He took control.  He baked.  He ate. 

spiderman visits the bagel factory

new flavor contest!

The  Bagel Factory is pleased to announce that our monthly “New Flavor” Contest has arrived.

Bagel Family Finds Bagel Factory in United Kingdom!

We searched for evidence of early bagels at Stonehenge

The  Bagel Man has been spotted again on his adventure—this time visited the amazing sights at the Grand Canyon!  Where will he strike next?!

the bagel man's "around the world adventure"

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that mini-bagels are delicious! Because we hand-roll them, they are a special-order item.  Call us if you are interested.

After waiting patiently for the NFL Season to begin again, The Bagel Man has resurfaced on his adventure! He was caught on camera talking with
the Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, who will lead the team to another Championship season in 2017.  When asked to comment about his encounter with The  Bagel Man, Rodgers said, “I know where I’m going after the Super Bowl…
toThe Bagel Factory!”  Did you see The  Bagel Man this year, at Lambeau Field against ‘da Bears?  Well he was there.  This year watch out for stellar performances from the likes of Rodgers, Nelson, Montgomery and Matthews!  
Again The Pack will carry the pride of the NFC North!  

the bagel man's "around the world adventure" part:3


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