How do we do it? With quality, of course…

Do you want to know what goes into your bagel?  How it’s made?  We think so.  This is why we go out of our way to make suggestions and explain what we do. 

When we serve a Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno, Cranberry or Chocolate Chip bagel, you are getting name brand ingredients that you recognize: Pace, Old El Paso, Ocean Spray and Hershey.

We do not seek out the generic brands or lowest cost item,

we stick by our guns when it come to quality.


When serving quality bagels: use quality spreads!

Only fresh scallions, veggies and strawberries go into the spreads that we mix daily. With over 13 different cream cheeses, packaged for your convenience in 8 oz. containers to go, the combinations are endless. If you’re not sure about the sweet taste of that Lowfat Pineapple Cream Cheese, or that highly acclaimed Sundried Tomato & Basil Spread, just ask for a taste!

Of course when making a Nova sandwich,

why should you settle for some low grade foodservice nova?

At The  Bagel Factory we fly our Nova and Whitefish in fresh, direct from ACME Fish in Brooklyn. We do not cut corners. So you are not a fish eater! Then let us pile on those fresh Boar’s Head Meats and Cheeses that you recognize as the best. It’s all right there in the deli case for your inspection, not some ‘mystery meat’ in the back cooler. Salads!! Fresh Tuna (to die for!), Chicken, homemade Whitefish, Potato, Egg and Fruit salads are served fresh daily.


At The Bagel Factory we make our bagels the old-fashioned way. Yes, for you purists, our bagels are “water bagels.” They are kettled (boiled) and then they go onto the burlap covered redwood boards where they are loaded into the oven. After a short while, the bagels are ‘flipped’ off of the boards and onto the tray where they are baked. Our bakers do not use timers or anything of the sort. We watch our bagels and know when to pull them out. The boiling process gives the bagels a thin, crusty shine.

how we make'em

Always keep in mind, we do things the “old fashioned way.”

 We make the dough fresh from scratch, form the bagels in the end by hand, and boil and bake these creations with the skill and training of the old school.

Our bakers are not dependent upon timers going off to tell them what to do, or devices that pre-measure every ingredient. When we make a dough, we make it from scratch. We do not use any ‘starters’ or ‘sponges.’

We use oil, salt, water, Hi-Gluten Flour, sugar and yeast. While some people are quick to claim ‘no preservatives,’ they are only playing games. Our bakers make each dough fresh, letting it rise and ferment properly, and we store it at a temperature just above freezing

The  Bagel Factory bakes up 27 different flavors of bagels every morning and throughout the day. While many bagel places claim to have as many as 20 flavors, the usual number of flavors baked daily averages between 12 and 18. At The  Bagel Factory, we have 20 different doughs being made all of the time. Twenty, because the Plain dough is used for Plain, Salt, Sesame, Poppy, Garlic, ET and Onion. We use real Eggs in our Egg dough. We have a separate Rye and Pumpernickel dough. Our Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon and Hawaiian bagels have real fruit in them. We do not purchase a mix from named companies whereupon it is added to flour to create Blueberry, Sundried Tomato and other exotic flavors.


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We make up our own creations, from scratch. That is why we have the Bagel of the Month where we introduce a new creation 12 times a year. Presently, we have over 47 different recipes.