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We are a Veteran owned business!

The Bagel Factory Old Fashioned Kettle Boiled Bagels

Freshness, Quality and Abundance.

old fashioned kettle boiled

Ever since The  Bagel Factory opened in 1995, we have make our bagels the old fashioned way. Our bagels are kettle boiled, then placed on burlap covered redwood boards, "flipped" onto the tray, and baked to perfection. This method gives our bagels a thin, crusty shine you would expect when you think of the perfect bagel.

We are not a chain or a franchise. For this reason we believe that we can serve a better product. We mix our own dough right next to where we bake it. The same folks who make the dough bake the bagels. Our bagels are 35% larger than the average 3.0 oz. bagel.